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How to Plan Your Digital Transformation

August 1, 2017
You’ve realized that in order to stay ahead of the competition and help scale your organization, you need to take your company through a Digital Transformation with a focus on automating your transactions’ approvals and closing, your Digital Transaction Management. You also know the role DTM plays in your organization’s transformation and how it differs from Paperless process initiatives of days past. Now you’re planning the transformation, how you’ll manage the change, and demonstrate success. But how do you plan for this? What tools do you use to ensure success? Starting with this post…

How To Facilitate a Face-to-Face DocuSigning

July 4, 2017
In the world of banking and wealth management, it’s imperative to conduct a DocuSigning (electronic signing via DocuSign) face-to-face. This is a common pattern in this space where Bank Associates or Financial Advisors aim to provide white-glove service in the process of closing loans or opening new accounts.  It’s also a point of confusion given the misleading DocuSign terminology of “In-Person” signing roles. So, how do you accomplish this using the DocuSign platform?

How is Digital Transaction Management Different from Paperless Initiatives?

June 6, 2017
I recently received a very simple and good question from a customer, “What’s the difference between the Paperless Office and Digital Transaction Management? Aren’t they both about using digital for paper-based document or processes?” In fact, there’s a distinct and important set of differences, though it could be somewhat subtle. Let’s start with some definitions…. View Article
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