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Why a Center of Excellence is Key for a Successful Digital Transformation

November 7, 2017
In a recent ValTeo blog, the DTM Maturity Model outlined the stages an organization traverses as it rethinks many of its customer interactions and internal transactions that revolve around paper-based processes. In this post, we invited Scott Os of Synaptix to explore and explain what is a Center of Excellence, the basic needs it serves to help move you along the maturity model, and why it’s a key success factor for your Digital Transformation.

ValTeo’s Secret Sauce for DocuSign Anchor Tabs

October 5, 2017
Often, in the process of developing automation on the DocuSign platform, we recommend that our customers use a DocuSign Template, even in scenarios when the API will be used to integrate with DocuSign. However, there are a few caveats about DocuSign Templates that you should be aware of. These caveats are sometimes not very well understood or even addressed purely through the use of the DocuSign features. In our post today we cover how our staff uses particular methods to address these caveats and gotchas.

What is the ValTeo DTM Maturity Model ©

September 5, 2017
Companies and organizations who’ve started their Digital Transformation often wish to bring about change in a controlled environment, gather the results, make any corrections before expanding the process, before applying it organization-wide.  This is not only a sound approach, it’s a well understood pattern for ensuring adoption of a solution. In this post, I’ll outline the ValTeo Digital Transaction Management Maturity Model© that can be used to not only gauge the stage of transformation for your organization, but to plan the next steps and better understand what value a fully digital business holds for you in the future.
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