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Training for Those Working From Home

DocuSign Free Training Launched

May 7, 2020
For anyone who’s lost their job or whose small business has been adversely affected by COVID-19, you can now register for our free training on DocuSign User, Template and Admin sessions. These are part of a larger set of training sessions meant to prepare folks who’ve lost their job, or small companies and startups for… View Article

Free Consulting Services During COVID-19

April 13, 2020
Our team of contractors have been distributed since ValTeo started in 2017. They live in California and Illinois. So, we didn’t have much to plan insofar as distancing our team members. We keep in touch using different online tools or via web conferencing and calls.

Center of Excellence Made Easy

July 5, 2018
Let’s say you’ve read about the importance of a Center of Excellence. On the road to your Digital Transformation, you’re now wondering, “what do I do now?”  There are many things to consider, the various roles, responsibilities, and use cases that need to be defined, software and personnel costs that need to be reined in and stakeholders that need to be informed.   But where do you even begin?
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